Traditional courses

Tailored to individual needs

We offer our clients the possibility of conducting courses which are prepared individually for specific entities or separate organisational units (departments). Prior to the commencement of a course we focus on the recognition of company’s or department’s specific nature through the analysis of binding procedures and the understanding of applicable practices. This allows us to prepare courses which match the working environment of a given entity and address issues arising within it. Our offer is directed particularly at management board members, HR departments, managers (corporate law, labour law and social security law) and accountants (debt recovery).

Small groups

We provide traditional courses in form of workshops conducted in small groups (1-12 participants) to ensure the most efficient use of time. The principle of small groups guarantees the highest comfort of direct cooperation with a tutor as well as the possibility of broadening the scope of issues discussed during classes, which cause problems or raise doubts in day-to-day work of participants. In practice it happens that we conduct courses for a greater number of people, sometimes hundreds of participants, especially if it’s necessary to transfer essential knowledge and information to a large audience in a short time.

Individual courses and teleconferences

We offer courses (series of trainings) which are prepared at individual requests (in the client’s or in our company) and e-distance learning opportunities through teleconferences. Please contact us for a complete range of courses and full offer.