E-learning Platform

Taking into account the needs of our clients and the goal of reaching the largest audience possible, we have created an e-learning platform where you can find our courses (in SCORM form) or trainings prepared individually for our clients.

What are benefits of e-learning courses offered via our platform?

Monitoring user progress
Automatic entry and removal of users
Notification of users on time left until the completion of a course
Automatic invitations, notifications on the start and completion of courses
Notification of users on the completion of a course and its result 
Lower costs of e-learning courses in comparison with traditional courses 

User training in accordance with time schedule agreed in advance

Refresher trainings 
Management of user groups in accordance with client’s organisational structure
See full specification (in Polish)


What are advantages of our courses?

Our courses are prepared in SCORM form, so they can be uploaded into any e-learning platform
Our courses are tailored specifically to our clients’ needs (and in accordance with their in-house rules)
Our courses are conducted by a professional narrator
Our courses are prepared by lawyers specialised in a chosen field of law
Our courses are based on interactive learning (games, quizzes, tasks)
We develop quizzes and tests under consideration of our client’s needs
See demo (in Polish)


What other e-learning services are offered?

Preparation of surveys according to client’s needs
Issuance of certificates
Preparation of corporate documents (rules, policies) that are presented to participants during trainings