Counteracting Mobbing

Who should participate in this training and why?

The Labour Code imposes an obligation of counteracting mobbing on employers. Pursuant to the Article 94 (3), Paragraph 2 of the Polish Labour Code, as MOBBING in the workplace might be classified any activities and behaviours concerning the employee or directed against them, consisting in persistent and long-term harassment or intimidation of the employee, resulting in the employee’s understated assessment of professional fitness, resulting in or aimed at humiliation or embarrassment of the employee, their isolation or elimination from the team of co-workers. In the event of proceedings before labour courts, an employer is obliged to demonstrate what measures have been undertaken in a company to protect the working environment (especially employees) from mobbing. Our courses are directed at all employees, particularly senior managers (business unit or team managers) as it’s usually superiors who introduce mobbing or behaviours of similar nature into the working environment.

Full-scale support in counteracting mobbing

Activities undertaken by us in companies are not limited only to training employees. Based on conducted audits, we prepare comprehensive solutions which are tailored to the needs, size and nature of a specific organisation. For this reason, we provide support in the following fields:

  • preparation of anti-mobbing policy and other procedures aimed at counteracting mobbing in the workplace
  • preparation of structure of activities aimed at counteracting mobbing in the workplace
  • support in the development of communication channels used in raising awareness of mobbing
  • preparation and execution of surveys concerning the phenomenon of mobbing in the workplace
  • participation in anti-mobbing commissions
  • substantial support and expertise shared with anti-mobbing commissions
  • support in the preparation of all documents related to activities aimed at counteracting mobbing
  • representing employers and employees in legal disputes arising from mobbing matters
  • negotiations between employers and employees in all cases arising from mobbing matters

Anti-Mobbing Courses

We provide our clients with anti-mobbing courses:

  • in traditional form – anti-mobbing courses in this form are highly recommended for senior managers and other managers. Courses, which are conducted in small groups and in connection with workshops, offer superiors the best way to understand what behaviours can be perceived as mobbing and which of them are treated under law as personnel management
  • in form of e-learning via our platform – our clients can also benefit from our e-learning courses in SCORM form which can be uploaded into e-learning platforms operating inside a company
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Surveys & Certificates

In accordance with our clients’ needs, we prepare surveys aimed at analysing the phenomenon of mobbing in a specific department, business unit or organisation. Moreover, surveys facilitate early detection of management issues, organisational problems or obstacles in information flow between employees, which are already present in a company or are at the very early stage of development. We issue certificates on the completion of an anti-mobbing course which, enclosed in employees’ personal files, prove the implementation of measures aimed at counteracting mobbing in the workplace.

  • Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more on counteracting or combating mobbing in the workplace.