We offer our clients a full range of courses related to the fields of our specialisation which are directed at employees and senior managers. Trainings are provided both in traditional and online firm. If there is no proper course available in our standard offer that would match your needs, we will be happy to prepare one at your special request and in line with your individual needs. Feel free to contact us.


E-learning Courses

We offer our clients dedicated e-courses which are available through our online platform and can be uploaded any corporate platform in SCORM form. Trainings are prepared by experts in various fields of law. We provide full control over performance and distribution of courses, and issue certificates for employees.


Traditional Courses

Our traditional courses are prepared and conducted by legal experts in accordance with our clients’ needs. They can take place anywhere – in our company, in client’s seat or any other agreed venue. We provide workshops, small group learning, individual meetings and teleconferences.


Counteracting Mobbing

We offer comprehensive solutions aimed at combating mobbing in the workplace, including both traditional course and online courses for all employees, preparation of documentation (rules and policies), implementation of mobbing notification system and support for employers inside a company or before a court.